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Part 1: I've been friends with a girl since the 4th grade when she transferred to my school. Now we've both graduated the 8th grade and going to the same high school. On graduation night (and many times before that), I got a lot of people telling me that I should stop being friends with her because she's really mean to everyone (especially her family) except boys due to romantic interest. I saw reason with what they said and I told her I wanted to stop being friends with her. (to be continued)
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I posted your answer below

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Part 2: She asked why and I told her it was because she was basically a bully to everyone. She got very offended and told me I had problems too and I was only focusing on hers. She got mad, I got mad. Harsh words were thrown back-and-forth. The conversation ended with her telling me to never text her again because I got my wish. In anger, I agreed. It's been a month and now I regret it. I miss her a ton and I want to be friends with her again. I don't know if it'd be fair or how I would. Advice?
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Firstly, I’d like to formally apologize for my late response!! You deserved an answer straight away and I did not give you one. I’m terribly sorry!

While I know friends were keeping your best interests in mind, they should not have flat out told you your good friend is mean or any of that. That was wrong of them. They don’t know what your relationship with her was like. For all they knew, you could have been helping her get over that whole bullying thing if she did it.

You also should not have judged her so harshly. Okay so you noticed she has some bully-like qualities. Instead of accusing her of being a bully and being mean to others and trying to end that friendship, you should have just spoken to her about it. Expressed your concerns but made sure you were open to her side of the story too. There is always always another side of the story, Anon! Remember that!

Well, it’s all done with so my advice to you is this: first its very important to realize you made the mistake, not her. Yes she might have been mean or whatever, but you could have spoken her in a whole other way. Once you accept that, approach her and apologize sincerely. Explain that you know what you did wrong and that you’re willing to fix everything if she’d let you. Keep trying! She might still be upset. Just keep showing her you can do better this time. And don’t expect too much of her! She’s been hurt. She will take time to respond.

Above all, Anon. Make sure you forgive yourself for what went wrong. She won’t be happy if you spend the rest of your life beating yourself up for a small mistake you made following 8th grade. I won’t be happy either. Neither will you.

I hope this helps!


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